In Vivo Studies

Performing in vivo studies is crucial to the development of medical devices, surgical instruments, procedures and/or novel therapies.  In vivo studies also provide data that is important for proof-of-concept determination, function validation, peer review manuscript preparation, FDA applications and clinical trials.  With access to three AAALAC certified animal facilities, a team of in-house surgeons, and more than 30 years of experience, the Bone and Joint Research Lab specializes in the development of medically-relevant technologies by performing large or small animal studies.

Well aware of the limitations in funding for private corporations and academic investigators, the Bone and Joint Research Lab offers to perform this work at rates that are highly competitive, while ensuring world-class results.  More specifically, the Bone and Joint Research Lab provides a variety of services that translate medical technologies from bench top to bedside.  These services include:

Project design/management
Our team of investigators can tailor each project to meet the needs of an investigator(s) or private corporation(s).  Projects are effectively guided in areas of animal modeling, surgical approach, implantation procedures, animal husbandry, ordering, cost analysis, implant processing, data analysis and reporting.

Power analysis/statistical analysis
One of the most important aspects of a successful in vivo project is to perform accurate power analysis prior to experimentation.  In addition to our investigators, the Bone and Joint Research Lab consults with Ph.D. level statisticians to provide power analysis to determine the number of animals necessary to accurately provide translational and clinically relevant research as well as post hoc statistical analysis.

Document preparation  
The Bone and Joint Research Lab can support the preparation of documents, including IACUC applications, to receive approvals from one of three AAALAC certified animal facilities to perform in vivo studies.

Surgical procedures/housing
Surgeries for in vivo studies can be performed by one of three orthopaedic surgeons who work in the Bone and Joint Research Lab, one of five Doctors of Veterinary Medicine who work in the AAALAC certified animal facilities or those who have animal surgery experience.  Animals can also be housed and monitored by Bone and Joint Research Laboratory technicians, animal facility technicians and/or veterinarians.

Infection studies
In vivo studies requiring animal modeling for infection prevention, detection or treatment can be performed by the Bone and Joint Research Lab.  Previous studies performed in our lab have focused on active release antimicrobial coatings for medical devices, phage therapies, percutaneous implants and other anti-infective investigations.

Microbiological analysis
In addition to in-house microbiological processing, the Bone and Joint Research Lab has collaborations with ARUP Laboratories, one of the largest clinical reference laboratories in the world, as well as access to Nelson Labs, a world-renowned facility for processing microbiological samples‒just 20 minutes away from the BJRL.  For those interested in determining the effect of bacteria on implant systems, wound sites or other project aims, microbiological cultures can be collected at any time point during the course of an experiment.  Direct observation of bacterial biofilms can be performed with scanning electron microscopy, semi-quantitative streak plates, or by direct quantification using agar plate growth.

Posteuthanasia analysis
Similar to procedures outlined in our Implant Retrieval page, our lab can process and analyze the interface of any implant and tissue.  For example, these samples can be analyzed histologically, by scanning electron microscopy, and by radiograph.

Data collection/preparation
Our team of investigators can provide support in the analysis of data collected from each experiment as well as preparation of documents required for reports, manuscripts or other requirements.


Please feel free to contact our office, or the B&JRL professionals directly if you are interested in using our services.

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